Professional 3-Day Intensive Hands-On Classes

NEW PROFESSIONAL CLASSES for those who are accomplished, but want to experience the feel of a professional kitchen and the INSPIRATION and INTENSITY that is typical in such a setting.

This 3-day course will involve a 3 night stay at the Willows, beginning at 6 AM and ending at about 7 PM— daily, with a formal seated dinner. Students will be cooking and sourcing all the ingredients for all meals and learning as they cook. There will be assignments and class discussions over all meals. You will be required to dress comfortably and professionally and to have comfortable, hard toed, closed back shoes in the kitchen. In addition, you will  need to have your hair pulled back or netted, and your nails free of any chemicals.

There will be an intensity to the class and assignments will be completed perfectly in a timely manner, on a schedule. The final meal will be an occasion to invite a guest of your choosing to join us, or not.

This class is not for the casual cook—it is for those who love food and are serious about learning on a more professional scale. If something is done wrong, there will be consequences. There will be deadlines and results—just like in a restaurant kitchen! Come, enjoy cooking immersion with Sandy and learn more than you imagined in just 3 days!

Single Room- $1,500 pp     Shared Room – $ 1,200 pp  (this covers all supplies, room, all meals and instruction)

Advance Payment Only   ~     Limited to 8 persons  ~  April 19-20-21, 2017

Please call Chef Sandy at 541-665-3020 for more information.

All students must be over 18 and have kitchen experience.