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The Willows Cooking School Schedule 2018

Feb 27 6:30 PM           Warming Soups from around the World
—Nearly every country has its favorite version of a warming soup for a cold winter’s supper. We will serve a spicy Thai soup, a tasty Phillipine soup, a great pozole, a warming American favorite and a Scandinavian staple. $55pp

Mar 6 6:30 PM           Perfect Pastry-Making
– Do you often have soggy pie crusts or watery pie fillings? Have you ever wanted to bring a pie to your table, fluted and decorated for a holiday? Why do you always burn those cookies? Why is the only crust you ever use frozen or refrigerated? You need to re-think how you bake! Join us for fun with fool-proof pie crusts and cookie dough. $55 pp

Mar 20 6:30 PM           Salad Suppers
–There’s a quick and easy dinner option many of us forget when we are in a hurry—a salad that serves as a complete dinner with lots of protein. Some of the favorites we will learn how to prepare in just 15 minutes are Chicken or Shrimp Ceasar, South of the Border salad, a classic Greek salad and and a Mediterranean Tuna Salad among others. Making a delicious dressing is super easy—Sandy will demonstrate her techniques. Dessert included $55pp

Apr 3 6:30 PM            One Batter – 5 Desserts
—This easy batter becomes 5 elegant desserts (puddings, popovers, custards and pancakes). We will also serve a delicious main course with the five desserts. $55pp

Apr 10 6:30 PM          Family Favorites
—Who doesn’t love a great Eggplant Parmesan, a Garlicy Rosemary Chicken dish, a delicious four-cheese pasta, a perfectly seasoned Swiss Steak with creamy mashed potatoes, some wonderful vegetables, and a perfect Chocolate Bundt Cake with ice cream and caramel sauce. $55pp

Apr 26 6:30 PM          Make Earth Day, Every Day with a Plant-Based Lifestyle 
Join Medford Food Co-op’s board member and plant-based cuisine expert, Fran Batzer as she demonstrates the JOY of layering flavors, textures and colors with seasonal whole food plant-based recipes. The Green, Plant Based menu will feature a Green Goodness Smoothie, Green Creamy Asparagus Soup, Green Rainbow Chard Tempeh Probiotic Wrap, and a Green Matcha Mint Chia Seed Pudding. The entire menu is vegan, gluten-free, and delicious! $55pp

May 1 6:30 PM             Dinner on the Grill
—this complete meal will be cooked and served outdoors and hot off the grill. Different fires and techniques can create unique flavors for the entire meal. Come join us to experience the pleasures of cooking outdoors. —♥ $100/c or $55pp

May 15 6:30 PM           Perfect Paella
—once you have had a great paella, you’ll never forget the taste. The food memory lingers long afterword…The authentic recipe takes time, but is so worth the effort. In addition to the paella we will be making several traditional tapas to savor while the paella cooks. $60pp

May 29 6:30 PM           Pasta, Pasta, Pasta
–in this class we will be making some of Chef Sandy’s favorite pasta-based dishes: linguini with seafood, pasta and wild mushrooms, best ever mac n’ cheese, and best of all we will together attempt to make and form our own pasta and serve it with a delicious sauce. $55pp

Jun 28 6:30 PM           Summertime Deliciousness
Stay cool and fill up on the abundance of gorgeous produce this season offers! Join plant-based lifestyle health coach, Fran Batzer, as she demonstrates the how the rainbows of summer colors come together for a delicious array summertime dining experiences. You’ll be inspired with custom menu items such as; a fabulous Summer inspired veggie pizza, rainbow salad, BBQ Tempeh, and homemade healthy ice cream! Guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget! The entire menu is vegan and gluten-free and delicious! $55pp

Jul 24 6:30 PM            Fruits of Summer
—the end of summer is the best time to enjoy the beautiful fruits of this valley, so we will be creating great things to savor long after harvest is done: strawberry gazpacho, panzanella, jams and jellies, sweet and savory sauces and some delicious, rustic pie and tart combinations. $55pp

Sep 11 6:30 PM           Dinner in Tuscany
—we’ve done many Tuscan classes before, and they are always very popular and fill quickly, but this one has all new recipes from a friend/ fellow chef in Florence, who also has a cooking school in that region. Each and every recipe is pure Italian perfection!!` —♥ $100/c or $55pp

Sep 20 6:30 PM           Hearty, Plant-Based Autumn Dining
Whole food and plant-based is the NEW way to clean eating. Learn to enjoy foods that are as unprocessed as possible and close to its natural state when it hits your plate. Learn how to avoid trans fats, sugar, pesticides, and preservatives. Best of all – plant-based eating liberates us from counting calories! Learn about how wonderful one-pot meal prep is with an Instant Pot. Watch and learn as Fran prepares; Pear Cardamom Steel-cut Oats, Potato Corn Chowder, Asian Peanut Sauce Vegetable Tempeh Bowl, and Live Bliss Balls! The entire menu is vegan and gluten-free and delicious! $55pp

Sep 25 6:30 PM            India: the Land of Spice
–The spice trade between India and Europe is often cited as the main catalyst for Europe’s Age of Discovery. The recipes we get from this trade create a unique blend of ingredients and flavors. demstrating how to make paneer, ghee and a very famous Indian recipe called Butter Chicken. In addition, a few of Sandy’s favorite Indian recipes, including: Masala, Tomato Coriander & Ginger Soup, a classic Mulligatawny Soup, and Coconut & Chickpea Rice. —♥ $100/c or $55pp

Oct 9 6:30 PM           Pumpkin-Eater’s Class
–This time of year, pumpkins are everywhere! What do you do with all of them after the trick-or-treating is done? Make some yummy pumpkin recipes. Chef Sandy has scoured her recipe files to share some of her favorite recipes: from savory to sweet, for you to enjoy. $55pp

Oct 14  6:30 PM          The Whiskey Kitchen 

–Scotland has a climate much like Oregon–there they have learned to pair wonderful dishes with Single Malt Scotch. You will be amazed in the flavor difference it makes Every item in this class will be made with Scotch–from breakfast to a delicious dessert! $60pp

Oct 23 6:30PM           Bavarian Class
Chef Sandy fell in love with Bavarian food all over again on a recent trip. She will teach you how to make the best pretzels, apple strudel, sauerkraut, dumplings, red cabbage, and Sauerbraten you have ever tasted—and we will serve some wonderful new micro-brews from the Rogue Valley for your very own Oktoberfest celebration of all things Bavarian! —♥ $100/c or $55pp

Nov 13 6:30 PM          The Appetizer & Martini Class
—We will be pairing six great appetizers with some of our favorite cocktails. There’s a wealth of appetizers and variations to choose from here –for your next visitors, houseguests or simply to savor alone! $55pp

Dec 11 6:30 PM           Take-Away Cookie Party
–We will make 10 dozen each, of 6 different recipes from across the globe—so you will take home 6 dozen beautiful treats for your holiday guests. This class will be HANDS-ON and is limited to 12 students. When it fills, we will add another class. Drinks and soup will be provided. Bring your own cookie container, please! $55 pp HANDS-ON

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All classes begin at 6:30 PM, unless otherwise noted, and unlike other schools, all classes are FULL MEALS, and include drinks/wine. The cost per person, per class is listed—cancellation policy. Additional classes may be added when our capacity of 16 is filled, and classes may be cancelled, with 24 hour notice, if less than 6 are registered. To book directly call 541-665-3020. Checks, Visa, MasterCard or cash are all accepted forms of payment. Payment is required upon registration for all classes–and must be done by phone ONLY. Couples Classes are noted by a ♥ . Dress is always casual and questions are encouraged. Come join us and enjoy our fine cuisine!

NOTE: PRIVATE CLASSES begin at $500 for up to 10 students–book one for your next special occasion! We no longer do cooking classes for children under 12. Children must always be accompanied by an adult if they attend a class, and both the adult and the child are charged.